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Toplevel Veterinary Medicine in Amsterdam-Zuid


First and foremost our veterinarians and assistants are outstanding professionals . Their variety of background and expertise work complementary , but what they all have in common is their true love for animals .

Stadion Dierenkliniek

Achillesstraat 62

1076 RE Amsterdam

Ph       : 020-6738798

Email :

K.v.K  :  34357699

Drs. Hank Stelling ,Veterinarian

Hank Stelling

Hank Stelling graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Utrecht in 1985. He is a true Amsterdam vet, yet also has gained broad experience in specialized foreign clinics  in the USA , Curaçao and Spain .

Hank developed himself continuously with subsequent training in the field of surgery , orthopaedic surgery , radiology and echography.

His specialities include operating on torn ligaments, repairing ruptures (perineal hernias) and the so-called blocked tom operation, where the urethra is widened .

He is furthermore particularly focused on cardiology, internal medicine and dermatology .

But his best feature is his ability to make an instant diagnosis .

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