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Toplevel Veterinary Medicine in Amsterdam-Zuid


Most people choose to have their cat or dog either spayed or sterilised . There may be various reasons for this . In most casesto block fertility , but also for health reasons or to positively influence the pet's behaviour .

At Stadion Dierenkliniek , we perform these kind of interventions every day .

We perform laparoscopic sterilisations in collaboration with specialist Klaas Vos .Our veterinarians are happy to advise you on the choice of treatment and the right time .


Pets are vaccinated or inoculated in order to prevent infectious diseases and to make the symptoms less serious following infection . 

Certain vaccinations must be repeated annually , even with animals that rarely or never go outside

Especially for these pets supporting the immunesystem through vaccination is crucial . After all, a virus can also be transmitted via humans and  environmental conditions .
Vaccination at Stadion Dierenkliniek  is performed according to the current guidelines and using the latest vaccines . The veterinarian determines which vaccination is most suitable for your pet , in consultation with you . This is then tailored to your animal and the situation , meaning your pet only receives necessary and worthwhile substances .

We provide generous discounts when simultaneously vaccinating 2 or more pets, as well as litters of kittens or puppies . 


We treat most common dental problems ourselves. Where more complex dental issues are concerned, such as root-canal treatment or crowns , we call on our dental veterinarian, Paul Theuns .

Prevention is , of course , better than a cure , so have your pet’s teeth checked regularly , and cleaned when necessary . Healthy teeth means healthy body (heart, kidneys) .  Keep an eye on our Facebook page and Newspage  for special promotions.


Thanks to over 25 years’ experience and investment in the most advanced equipment , we perform all surgical procedures ourselves in-house , with no need for your pet to be referred to expensive specialists .


Operations frequently performed at Stadion Dierenkliniek:

  • ligament operations according to the CCL or TTA method

  • spaying or neutering

  • perineal hernia

  • orthopaedics (fractures)

  • blocked tom operations

  • bowel operations

  • thyroid gland removal

  • eye operations


The clinic is equipped with an admissions unit with all the necessary provisions for outpatients , 24-hour care or intensive care, also in use over the weekend . In certain cases , animals are cared for at the veterinarian’s home .


Are you taking your pet on a trip? Be sure to prepare properly .

A visit for the veterinarian is essential , especially when travelling abroad . Which vaccinations are needed ? Is a blood test required ? Does the pet have to go into quarantine ? We answer these questions during the travel consultation meeting . We furthermore advise on compulsory travel documents , safe and comfortable transportation , and keeping your pet healthy at your destination .

A holiday in Holland also requires proper preparation , such as combating ticks – the Wadden Islands are notorious – and fleas . Additional medicine and , of course , sufficient food might also have to be packed . All vaccinations must be in good order. If your pet is to spend the holiday in a kennel an inoculation against kennel cough is often compulsory . Check this with us in good time.

Veterinarian Hank Stelling knows what is required for each country in terms of legislation and regulations , as well as in a specifically medical sense . Moreover , our veterinarian has gained international experience in clinics in Los Angeles , the Caribbean and Spain .

We can acquire a bill of health for the country of destination and all take care of all further required paperwork . This means you and your pet can have a pleasant , safe and above all healthy trip .

Stadion Dierenkliniek

Achillesstraat 62

1076 RE Amsterdam

Ph       : 020-6738798

Email :

K.v.K  :  34357699

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