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Your pet will be back on its paws in no time :
We prefer to treat a sick animal as swiftly as possible . This is why we have advanced facilities at Stadion Dierenkliniek which enables us to perform the majority of diagnostics in-house . Furthermore , we pay considerable attention to providing advice , information as well as prevention .
For an appointment, call us at +31 (0)20-6738798 .

Toplevel Veterinary Medicine in Amsterdam-Zuid


We reserve at least 15 minutes for a consultation . During that time, the veterinarian examines your pet thoroughly . If any additional examination is required , we perform it immediately . You do not need to wait long for the majority of results , because we have in-house diagnostic equipment .

A good thing for your beloved pets and a good thing for you .


Following diagnosis , we draw up a clear treatment plan and include a price quotation .

If attending our animal clinic is difficult for you , we can make a house call .Please consult us .

Would you like more information or advice on caring for your pet ?

Please call us at +31 (0)20-6738798 or send us an email .

Stadion Dierenkliniek

Achillesstraat 62

1076 RE Amsterdam

Ph       : 020-6738798

Email :

K.v.K  :  34357699

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