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Especially for you and your rabbit:  VHD2-Vaccination  in April


Vaccination against VHD2

A new strain of virus is still spreading across the country affecting rabbits. The virus is called RHD (Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease) or VHD (Viral Haemorrhagic Disease). We’ve been vaccinating against it for years. However, the virus has mutated to a new strain called VHD2 that now affects even rabbits who’ve previously been vaccinated.

This new strain can cause a range of signs including loss of appetite, weight loss, jaundice, fits and bleeding internally or from orifices. It can lead to death in up to 70% of rabbits affected,

Both indoor and outdoor rabbits are at risk as it can be spread by contact with infected rabbits and biting insects. It can be carried into the house on clothes, shoes, or the feet or fur of other pets

Nobivac, the traditional vaccine which rabbits in this country are given against RHD and myxomatosis, doesn’t protect against this new strain, so even rabbits who’ve been vaccinated each year are at risk.

However , There is  amn effective vaccine against this new and extremely contagious virus


  •  If your rabbit isn't vaccinated before against VHD2 : the vaccination needs to be repeated after 6 weeks and will protect your    rabbit against VHD2 for six months . Reduced price in april : € 25 ,= ( including repeat-vaccination after 6 weeks)

  •  if your rabbit was vaccinated before it might be time for the  biannual repeat-vaccination . Reduced price in april : € 20.=


Is it time for the biannual vaccination or do you want to have your rabbit vaccinated for the first time ?  make an appointment for our special vaccination days :

                                 Wedenesday april   5th 2017  16.00 hrs - 18.00 hrs or

                                 Thursday      april 13th 2017  10.00 hrs - 12.00 hrs


Make your appointment now , call us at 020-6738798 or send us an email

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