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Toplevel Veterinary Medicine in Amsterdam-Zuid

Covid 19



Dear customer,

We remain open in order to enable us to care for your beloved pet for as long as the general regulations will allow.

You will be able to make appointments as usual for any treatment your pet may require.


We would however ask for your co-operation in observing the following protocols when visiting the clinic:

To ensure the continuity of our care at the Stadion Dierenkliniek we ask you not to accompany your pet to the clinic if you have:

  • a cold, sore throat, cough or fever;

  • recently visited one of the known ‘’risk’’ zones;

  • had any contact with a patient who has tested positive for Covid-19.

We would, in this instance,  request you ask someone else to bring your animal to the clinic.

Should you accompany your pet to the clinic whilst displaying any of the symptoms associated with Corona/Covid-19 (coughing, sneezing, etc…), you will be asked to leave your pet outside as part of our hand-over procedure and minimise potential infection hazard to our veterinary team.

In addition, we urgently request that:

-You sanitise your hands upon entering and leaving the clinic with the gel provided.

-To stay behind the lines on the floor until one of the assistants can attend to you. The assistants will also inform you over the protocols to follow whilst at the clinic.

-If two people are already in the waiting room, please wait outside until one of our team calls you.

-To hand over your pet to a member of the paraveterinary team and to stay behind the line on the floor whilst the vet examines your pet.

-Moreover we ask you under no circumstance attend the clinic with more than 2 people, to leave your children safely at home or (if necessary) waiting in our garden.


We kindly request you call the clinic ahead of your visit and order any pet foods and medicines over the phone. This will enable our team to prepare your purchases for you and minimise the time spent at the clinic.

If you have not called us prior to your visit, we may ask you to wait outside -in accordance with current social distancing guidelines- for space in our waiting room to become available. We hope you will understand this may lead to longer waiting times for your purchases.

We would also, in light of some current delays experienced in our supply lines, strongly advise you reserve medications and specialist petfoods ahead of time in order to guarantuee the ongoing wellbeing of your pet.

Thank you for cooperating with us to keep eachother safe 

Team Stadion Dierenkliniek

Stadion Dierenkliniek

Achillesstraat 62

1076 RE Amsterdam

Ph       : 020-6738798

Email :

K.v.K  :  34357699

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